No Objections!

A few countries have been worried if the FCI will accept The Open European Championship as it is open to both pure bred dogs and mix breeds and because entries can come from both the national kennel clubs and independent handlers.

The rules and the idea behind this Championship has been sent to the FCI for approval and they have no objections. Their reply can be read below.

Dear Mrs Madsen,
We are in receipt of your message below.
The answer to your question is as follows : as you know the discipline is not officially recognised and consequently the approval of the FCI is not necessary as long as no official “FCI title” is given. From your request, the competition would be “European Open Championship”, hence no FCI involvement. In addition, the FCI has no proper commission for this sport which, consequently, is not under our “competence”. Consequently, there is no objection from the FCI to run the “European Open Championship of Heelwork to Music”. We insist that the name of the competition and title cannot include the acronym “FCI” and we wish good luck to this ever growing discipline.

Yours sincerely
Y.De Clercq
FCI Executive Director

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