It is expensive to hold an European Championship, but we are determined to do it and to make it a good one (!)  so the fundraising has started!

MI Workshop

Musical Interpretation Workshop

Many of the Danish Dog Dancers met for a Musical Interpretation Workshop in the weekend and of course the OEC was discussed too. Lots of ideas came up and we have now formed a ‘Fundraising Committee’ consisting of 5 members, who are already working hard to get the funds we need to be able to make the first Open European Championship a memorable one.

Musical Interpretation Workshop

The fundraisers are:
Sidsel Rygter Lauridsen, Anja Christiansen, Helle Larssen and of course Emmy M. Simonsen and Johanna Allanach, who are responsible for organizing the OEC.

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One Response to Fundraising

  1. Kath Hardman says:

    Good Luck for all the fundraising.

    Love Kath x

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