Questions regarding entries

Non-pedigree dancing dogs in my country is registered at the Dog Dance Association, which is not related to the FCI. The Dog Dance Association is working with the Kennel Club on choosing team but it is not officially recognized by the Kennel Club. Does that mean that we cannot have non-pedigree dogs on our team.


If your Kennel Club chooses to send a team, then it is up to them whether they want to be represented by pedigree or non-pedigree dogs. If your Kennel Club acknowledges the Dog Dance Association’s record books or licenses then that is fine.

If your Kennel Club does not have a register for HTM and Freestyle/working dogs then we will look for a licence or record books from the main dog dancing organisation in your country. We may contact your Kennel Club and ask them which organisation they recommend that we accept as the main organisation and accept entries from.

What if the Kennel Club chooses to send a team of 3 HTM dogs + 1 reserve and 3 Freestyle dogs + 1 reserve, will there still be an open spot for an independent dog and handler team from that country? 


We will accept 4 dog and handler teams + 1 reserve in each section from each country. The Kennel Club’s team will have first priority, but if the Kennel Club does not send a full team then we will accept entries (up to 4 dog and handler teams + 1 reserve dog and handler team in each section) from independent handlers.  The independent handlers will not compete on the national team, but they can compete for a spot in the individual final.

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