Here is a list of hotels/B&Bs/Cabins that allow dogs and is located relatively close to the OEC venue:


Hotel Antvorskov – clik here! This hotel is located very close to the moterway exit in Slagelse and the OEC venue is close to the exit in Sorø. It is an easy 15 mins drive between the two. I think this hotel is the cheapest option if you want to stay in a hotel close to the venue.

Scandic in Ringsted

Hotel Scandic in Ringsted – click here! Hotel Scandic Ringsted is in Ringsted, about 15 kilometers from the OEC venue. This is also very easy to get to and find.

Hotel Frederik d. II – click here! Their website is in Danish only, but you can contact them on this e-mail. Hotel Frederik d. II is in Slagelse, about 15 kilometers from the OEC venue.


Amalie’s Apartment – a B&B in Sorø about 5 mins drive from the venue.

Amalie's Aparment

Sloth B&B – another B&B in Sorø 5 mins drive from the venue. 2 double rooms.

Sloth B&B

Henrik Licht B&B – also in Sorø and very close to the venue.
Contact info:
Henrik Licht, Priorgade 5, 4180 Sorø, Denmark.
Phone: +4586571216 or +4525745550

Annegaarden – B&B in Kværkeby about 25 kilometers from the venue. Two apartments with room for 4 people in each. There is a kitchen in each apartment, so you can cook for yourselves.

Winni’s B&B – in Ringsted about 20 kilometers from the venue. This B&B have room for up to 5 people in double or single rooms.
Contact info:
Address: Næstvedvej 12, 4100 Ringsted, Denmark.
Phone: +4526164141


Sorø Camping:
Sorø Camping have 2 cabins with room for 4 people in each in which dogs are allowed. Toilets and bath are in the main building. Dogs are not allowed in the bigger cabins on this camping site. This is only a few minutes drive from the venue.
Further information/booking:

Bedstedhave Cabins – Up to 5 people in a cabin. The cabins have small kitchens, so you can cook, but toilet/bath is in the main building close to the cabins.
20 mins. drive to the venue (27 kilometers).
Contact info:
Phone: +45 96465629
Address: Bedstedvej 64, 4100 Ringsted

I will update this post regularly as I find new possibilities for accommodation in or near Sorø.

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