Team Russia

Russia has – according to chosen a brilliant team for the Open European Championships!


Polina Il’ina with Malinois Flint

Polina and Flint

Galina Chogovadze with Border Collie Sanya

Galina and Sanya

Valentin Kuzmin with Miniature Schnauzer Lala

Valentin and Lala

Tatyana Gette-Kishinevskaya with Entlebuher Zennenhund Korolevstvo Gornih Psov Karamel 

Tatyana and Karamel


Polina Il’ina with Malinois Shteffi

Polina and Shteffie

Galina Chogovadze with Border Collie Moja Nadezhda Rolly Royce

Galina and Roy

Olga Kuzina with Labrador Retriever Tutta Larson

Olga and Tutta

Catherine Myznikova with Golden Retriever Erzon

Catherine and Erzon

Wishing Team Russia the best of luck in Sorø on the 22nd – 23rd of October!

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2 Responses to Team Russia

  1. Валентина Балашова says:

    I wish you a beautiful dance!!! Come back with a victory!!!

  2. Желаю нашим Русским спортсменам по фристайлу победы на чемпионате Европы !!!!

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