Team Sweden has presented a great Swedish team for the OEC!


Jenny Tholin with Golden retriever Thyra

Jenny and Thyra

Yvonne Öster with Border Collie Tine – see video here!

Yvonne and Tine

Hanna Eriksson with BSD (Groenendael) Grizzly – see video here!

Hanna and Grizzly

Erika Johansson with Pug Oggie – see video here!



Linnéa Vejde with Australian Shepherd Zolo – see video here!

Linnéa with Zolo

Lina Pettersson with Pumi Zing – see video here!

Lina with Zing

Sabine Åström with Golden Retriever Wilma – see video here!

Sabine with Wilma

Hanna Eriksson with BSD (Groenendael) Grizzly – see video here!

Hanna with Grizzly

Good Luck in Denmark Team Sweden!

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