The White Dogs

We have invited a ‘white dog’ to open the competition each day. The white dog’s job is to go into the ring and perform as the first dog of the day. Hopefully that will give the judges a chance to settle and get into the right frame of mind before they start judging and it will give the first competitor a guideline as to when he/she is going in.

Also it will make sure that any flaws in the ring, carpet, speakers or music will be noticed before the competition starts. The white dog will be the ‘test run’.

And of course it takes the pressure of the competitors… No one has to go first!

Sidsel with Wave

Saturday mornings white dog for the HTM Championships will be Sidsel Rytcher Lauridsen with Border Collie Germal Prada (Wave). Wave is very young – only about 1½ years old, but she is already doing well at shows. She has won her way out of HTM Class 1 and was Novice HTM Dog of the Year in the Danish Kennel Club.

Kate with Zonja

The white dog that is going to open the Freestyle Championship on Sunday morning will be Kate Olsen with Danish Swedish Farmdog (Dansk Svensk Gårdhund) Fremtiden’s Zonja. Zonja and Kate have been competing in freestyle for a couple of years. They have just qualifed for Class 3 (Advanced Class in Denmark). Kate is known for her imaginative costumes and props and for her very entertaining routines. Zonja is the happiest bouncy little dog. I am sure they will send us off for day 2 of the OEC with a smile on our faces.

Kate and Zonja

Our white dogs for the Open European Championhips are both handled by people, who have done a huge effort in our OEC findraising projects, so give them a standing ovation when they go into the ring in October – not only for their performances (which I am sure will be fantastic), but also for their hard work, which helped making the OEC possible.

Thank you Kate and Sidsel for your help, congratulation on your white dog performances and best of luck in the ring. Enjoy it and have fun!

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