We raised more than 30.000 Danish kroner!

The fundraising rally competition today was a huge success! Everybody had a great time and we raised more than 30.000 Danish Kroner (£3500 or Euro 4000) for the OEC. All profit from today will be used to cover the OEC judges’ travel expences, hotel, hall-rent, prizes etc.

Early morning... Hero and Jazz played whilst the fundraising group were busy getting ready for the show.

Helle from the Danish HTM team had offered that we could have this fundraising event on her field, so her and her family started the preparations already yesterday. Well, they started weeks ago really, as they have cut the grass on the field several times to make sure it was nice for the dogs to work on this weekend.

Helle's friend had made beautiful flower decorations for each corner of both rings.

The fundraising team Emmy, Johanna, Helle, Sidsel and Anja + Sofie from Team Denmark met at 6 am to set up. The first competitors came at 7 and check-in started at 8.


The "car-park" was in the field too behind the courses

Lots of cars...

Enough room for two courses next to each other.

We had 142 entries in 2 rings! The biggest classes had 40 entries! We started at 9 am and the last dog left the ring at about 5 pm.

We had a brilliant time outside the ring too!

Spectators and supporters enjoyed the beautiful sunny day.

A beautiful Border Collie

And a gorgeous Springer Spaniel puppy

Jette and Biscuit were dancing...

Kate and Lizza, who are well known in Danish HTM, had offered to help with sandwiches etc. They spent hours yesterday evening on making sandwiches to sell today. Kate had also made some yummy home-made OEC raspberry jam, which they sold. Helle’s mum and aunt had baked the most delicious cakes. No one had to leave the competition hungry!

Thanks a million to Lizza and Kate for all the hard work this weekend!

OEC Jam!!!!!

We had sold about 600 raffel tickets and the winners were drawn just before the prize-giving. There were about 200 raffel prizes so it took a while, but it was great fun. Our sponsors had given us some fantastic prizes that everyone were keen to win!

Lots of prizes for the raffel tickets!

Some had lots of raffel ticket numbers to check!

Sofie was selling her brilliant tuggy toys and a great part of her profit was donated to the OEC.

Sofie's great tuggy toys

Huge congratulations to all the winners today and thanks a million for your support of the OEC!

Ring 1 – Judge: Johanna Allanach

Begynder (Novice) winner: Sheltie Ramsey’s Under The Night Sky

Øvet (Intermediate) winner: Rough Collie Jenel Merec

Ekspert (Advanced) winner: White Swizz Sheepdog Horsebo 7 Eleven

Champion winner: Sheltie Ophian Giggly Gucci Go Getter.

Ring 2 – Judge: Frank Kuhfeldt

Begynder (Novice) winner: Border Collie Fæhunden’s Rising Rin-Tin-Tin

Øvet (Intermediate) winner: Border Collie Asasara Explosive Kiss Me

Ekspert (Advanced) winner: Border Collie Fæhunden’s Queeny Lass

Champion winner: Sheltie Ophian Giggly Gucci Go Getter

3 dogs gained their Rally Champion titles:

White Swizz Sheepdog Horsebo 7 Eleven

Springer Spaniel Baggbo Bibi-Boucheron

Border Collie Nice Of You To Come Bye Panik

Lone Sommer with Panik and Flicka - both new Rally Champions.

Lots to do before the fundraising group could go home and leave an empty field behind them!

It has been a beautiful sunny day and now its heavy rain and thunder outside! Gosh we were lucky with such a wonderful weather just when we needed it!

A young girl won a gift voucher for a free lesson with harmonisk hundecenter. She seemed very happy with her prize, but she forgot the voucher when she left… Does anyone know who she is?

Thank you so much to all of our helpers. Jette and Sofie from the Danish Freestyle team spent all day helping and so did Jette Porter, who does HTM with her young sheltie and her not so young CKS :-).
Also a huge thank you to Helle’s family who has worked for days to make the venue perfect for us. Fantastic!
Our only expense yesterday was judges fee and travel money for the one exteral judge – everyone else worked for free!
Knud Djernes even let us borrow a portable loo for free! Including delivery, pickup and emptying!

Well done every one and thank you!

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5 Responses to We raised more than 30.000 Danish kroner!

  1. Kath Hardman says:

    Well done to everyone in Denmark who supported the fund raisers for the OEC 2011. Looks like you all had a great day having good fun too.

  2. Jenny Tholin says:

    Super!! What a great time you seem to have had! Wish I could have joined you but sometimes I have to spend some time with my husband too , don’t I , 🙂 . Good luck with the rest of the preparations and look forward to see you again soon. Jenny

  3. Jackie says:

    I am so pleased the weather was so kind to you when such a massive effort was made to make your fundraising day the success it was. Well done to every one.

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