OEC 2012????

We invite two representatives from each of the countries competing at the OEC 2011, to a meeting in the hall on Saturday evening as soon as the competition is over for the day. At the meeting we will discuss and decide the following:

  • Do we want to make the Open European Championship a tradition?
    And if we do… 
  • Which country will host the Open European Championship next year?
    – Please talk to your Kennel Club or Freestyle Organisation before the meeting and make sure they support you if you wish to host the OEC in 2012.
    – Please send an e-mail in advance to emmy[at]hazyland.dk if your country could be interested in hosting the 2012 OEC. 
  • Do we want any changes in the rules before next year?
    – Please send your suggestions for rule changes to emmy[at]hazyland.dk no later than 10th October 2011. Suggestions that has not been sent in in advance will not be taken into consideration at the meeting.
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