Team Germany

We are looking forward to see Team Germany at the Open European Championships!

Team Manager: Horst Gehrke

Heelwork To Music:

Minna Estemaa with Dutch Shepherd Dog Nambygo Flying Finn.

Nambygo Flying Finn

Monika Gehrke with Border Collie Gigolo Jan

Gigolo Jan

Carmen Schmid with Cain Terrier Sammy of Upsala

Sammy of Upsala


Minna Estemaa with Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) Like A Hurricane Branwenn Brady.

Like A Hurricane Branwenn Brady

Monika Gehrke with Border Collie Gigolo Jan.

Gigolo Jan

Daniela Leopold with Australien Cattle Dog Monk.


Good luck Team Germany!

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3 Responses to Team Germany

  1. herzlich willkommen, Deutschland! wir freuen uns auf euch.

  2. andrea says:

    Ganz viel Spaß und Erfolg wünscht das “Rockindogs”.Team allen Startern! Aber besonders drücken wir natürlich dem deutschen Team die Daumen!

    andrea, merlin, gwyn und fearne

  3. Fenna Goselink says:

    Ladys, I wish you all a lot of succes and lots of fun!

    Of course especially Minna and her dogs, for she is a very good dogdance teacher of mine!!

    Fenna and her 4 little rascals

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