Great walks in and around Sorø

Sorø is a beautiful town surrounded by woods and lakes. It is easy to find good places to take the dogs for a walk. Let me show you a few of them:

First of all Sorø Hallen – the OEC venue – is surrounded by sports grounds, woods and fields where the dogs can run. These next pictures are all taken within 5 – 10 minutes walking distance from the hall!

The red building in the background is Sorø Hallen, where the OEC will be held.

This is about 2 minutes walk from the hall.

5 minutes walk from the hall.

5 minutes from the hall.

5 minutes from the hall.

You can get to the woods in less than 10 minutes.

And going back to the hall...

In the centre of Sorø, about 10 minutes drive from the OEC venue, you will find the famous Sorø Academy and the beautiful Academy Gardens. It is a stunning place and definitely worth seeing. Unfortunately dogs have to be kept on lead in the park.

The Academy is an educational institution built in 1140. Also built that year was Sorø Klosterkirke, the church where Bishop Absalon and Margaret I of Denmark were buried (she was later moved to Roskilde Domkirke, Roskilde).

The main building and church.

Sorø Klosterkirke - the church.

The Old Monestary Gate (Klosterporten).

The Old Monestary Gate (Klosterporten).

The main building and the park.

The Academy Gardens (park).

Sorø Academy is build on the shore of Sorø Lake. You can walk all the way around the lake – it is about 10 kilometers and it takes 2½ – 3½ hours. It is a very varied walk – through woods, fields, the Academy Gardens and along streets. Dogs can be off lead most of the way.

Sorø Lake.

The lake to the left.

Sorø Lake

Pedersborg Lake can be found about 5 minutes drive from the Sorø Hallen. It is a smaller lake and it takes about 30 minutes to walk around it.

Pedersborg Lake.

If you drive about 15 minutes from the OEC venue, you will get to Kongskilde and Rytterbjerget, which really is the perfect place for dog walks! Download a folder with maps etc. here!







Of course you can also take your dogs for a lead walk through Sorø. The centre of the town is only a few minutes drive from the hall.

Sorø is a lovely little town with a population of about 8000 people. Sorø was founded in 1161 by Bishop Absalon (later the founder of Copenhagen) and there are still many of the beautiful old buildings left.

The main street.

The old part of town.

The Town Square with a statue of King Frederik VII

I hope you and your dogs will enjoy your visit in Sorø!



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