Another 4000 Danish Kroner in the bank!

It has been a beautiful sunny day today – perfect for our second fundraising rally competition! Today’s show was not as big and impressive as the first big fundraising event, but we still raised about 4000 Danish Kroner (£470/540 Euros), so now we can go shopping for OEC Trophies ;-).

Every one seemed to enjoy the day!

The show was held on a big sports field not far from the OEC venue in Sorø. We had about 40 entries and Frank Kuhfeld had been invited to judge.

It has been a great day with well trained dogs, happy handlers and we have seen some super Rally Obedience rounds. Well done every one and congratulations to the winners.

Rally Obedience is – just like HTM/Freestyle – a wonderful sport because you can do well with dogs of all breeds and sizes. Today we saw a Chihuahua, a Danish/Swedish farm dog, Retrievers, Rough Collies, Shelties and lots of other breeds and mix breeds in the ring. One of the more interesting dogs was Susanne Ekelund’s Broholmer Ginnungagap.

Susanne Ekelund and Broholmer Ginnungagap

The Broholmer is one of the historical Danish breeds. Archaeologists have found a dog skeleton of Broholmer-size and type in a Viking village on Fyn and it is assumed that the Vikings brought Mastiffs from England to Denmark and Scandinavia when they occupied the British Isles. The Broholmer origins from these Mastiffs mixed with German Mastiffs and probably also some ancient Danish breeds.

The breed’s numbers dwindled severely during World War II, but the dog made a successful return in the 1970-80s thanks to a group of hard working Danish enthusiasts. The Broholmer is a large molosser breed of dog. It is now recognized by the Danish Kennel Club and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

King Frederik VII (the king that established the Danish parliament and made the country a constitutional monarchy) and his mistress Duchess Danner were owners of several Broholmers and one of their portraits depicts them with one of their dogs.

King Frederik VII, Duchess Danner and their Broholmer

Susanne Ekelund and Ginnungagap compete in the advanced Rally-O Class (the Expert Class), which they qualified for in July 2011. They are now competing for the CCs and their Rally Champions title.

Thank you to Susanne, Ginnugagap and all the other dogs and handlers that came today for supporting the event. All profit from the show goes to making the Open European Championship a memorable weekend. Our only expense this weekend has been judges fee and travel money for the judge. Everyone else has worked for free to support the OEC. Thank you!

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