Heelwork To Music on the Faroe Islands

Nina Brockie with Dido

I am very much looking forward to the Open European HTM & freestyle Championships in Sorø. This is the first Faroese entry at a Dog Dancing competition ever. It will be Dido’s first time ever at a competition – as well as mine as there has never been held a Dog Dancing Show on the Faroe Islands.

Dido Funny Face 🙂

Therefore I am more than honored to represent my country along with my wonderful sheltie Dido.

Nina and Dido

Our Dog Dancing adventure started 2 years ago, when Emmy Marie Simonsen held the first Dog Dancing seminar here in Torshavn, the main capital of The Faroe Islands. We fell in love with this sport and all opportunities it offers and the freedom to do what you and your dog do best. Of course we were ecstatic, when Emmy agreed to return to our 18 Islands this year to teach another seminar and give us a chance to progress further in our beloved sport Dog Dancing. Since her last seminar, we have performed at two demonstrations. The first one was at a childrens’ festival in June 2011 and the 2nd was at a FCI/Kennel Club breed show in august.

Nina and Dido

We will perform at new routine at the OEC and we have chosen a song from the upcoming Faroese artist Jens Marni. The song is called “Heroes will fall”. The song was inspired by the Columbine High School massacre, where a young male student survived to tell the story about the tragedy.


We are looking forward to meeting you all and experiencing the atmosphere at such at grand show.

Nina and Dido

Nina Brockie & Dido, The Faroe Islands.

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