Get-Together-Dinner at 5.30!

Dear Competitors,
We have just been informed that we can start setting up the hall already at 6 pm on Friday night before the OEC. That is a couple of hours earlier than expected. The OEC Organizers and Team Denmark have a lot of work to do on the Friday night – laying carpets in the entire hall, building the ring, setting up computers for the score-keepers and webmasters and all the other stuff that needs to be done before we can enjoy the competition. It could easily be a long night and we all have to get up early Saturday for the first day of OEC, so we are pleased that we can get started a bit sooner, but of course we can’t start setting up in the show until Team Denmark has had time to enjoy the OEC Get-Together-Dinner… Therefore we have decided to move the dinner forward to 5.30 pm. We are sorry for any inconvenience it may cause for you and your team and hope you understand.
Best wishes
Emmy M. Simonsen
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One Response to Get-Together-Dinner at 5.30!

  1. Carmen & Gimnli from team germany says:

    It s so great, you do all this work to organize the competition, however could we not understand, that you need the time. I am very glad to come and have a wonderful weekend.

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