Introducing our Helpers – Erika Johansson

My name is Erika Johansson and I’ll be one of the webmasters for the freestyle competition on sunday.

I started training freestyle four years ago and fell completely in love with the sport 🙂

I have 2,5 dogs: Willow, who is a great dane, and the pugs Oggie and Kanel (I’ve borrowed Kanel from the kennel so she’s my “half” dog). I compete with all of them in freestyle and heelwork. Willow does Intermediate freestyle and Beginners heelwork. Kanel does Advanced freestyle and Intermediate heelwork. Oggies competes at Advanced in both. Willow and Oggie also competes in rally-obediance, Oggie does standard obediance and both pugs compete agility.

I’m very much looking forward to a weekend full of wonderful freestyle and heelwork performances and to meeting old and new friends! I will strive to give good descriptions of the performances and the competition athmosphere to those of you who can’t be in Sorø!

Best of luck to all the competitors (and helpers) – I hope everybody has a great time!

P.S. I hope no one will mind that I do some discreet cheering for my team mates in Team Sweden 😉

Erika and Kanel

[Erika was webmaster all 3 days of the World Championships. At the OEC she can only help us on the freestyle day as she will be competing with Oggie on the Swedish team on the HTM day. Good luck Erika and thank you for offering your webmaster expertise once again!]
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