Greetings from the American competitor.

Hello Dog Dancers,

My name is Lydia Bissonette. Together with my Doberman, Ginger, we will be representing the USA in the championships.

It is a bit odd, the USA competing in a European championship.  Even stranger, I live and train in the Netherlands.  This makes it difficult for me to explain to you how dog dance is done in America.  I’ll leave explaining training in the Netherlands to the Dutch team and just share a little of our history and approach with you.

We’ve been doing dog dance for less than two years.  We were introduced to it at a workshop and took to it like a duck to water!  Heelwork To Music is our specialty.  We do not come from an obedience background.  Therefore, our approach to this category is different than what would perhaps be called traditional.

When creating a routine, I pick a dance style, cha-cha-cha, Paso doble, foxtrot etc. and learn how to dance it.  Then I try to fit HTM into the dance.  It definitely has its challenges and isn’t always successful.   The next thing is to teach Ginger her steps.  Finally, we put everything together and hope that it makes for a dynamic and exciting viewing experience.  Not to mention, it’s a lot of fun to go shake your booty!

I’m looking forward to the entire championship experience in Denmark!

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the other competitors and organizers.

Lydia Bissonette, USA

[The USA can enter the Open European Championship because it is open to all countries, but it will always be held in an European Country.
Lydia can represent the USA even though she lives in Holland, because you can represent the county you live in/have your address in or the country in which you have your citizenship.]

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6 Responses to Greetings from the American competitor.

  1. Pat Dearmond says:

    Hello Lydia, I’ve watched your video…beautiful. Are you the same Lydia Bissonette that had a Doberman named Jasmine and lived in Evansville,IN?

    • I am not sure Lydia will see this. The competition was held in 2010, so not many look back on these pages.

      • Pat Dearmond says:

        Hello Emmy! Thanks for your message. Lydia is a dear friend that I lost contact with in 1994.I’m hoping to discover a way to reconnect and catch up on the last 18 years.She looks as I remember her, beautiful and graceful.I was with her when she bought her first Doberman – Jasmine.If you know of a way to contact her, please let me know. Have a splendid weekend. Pat Dearmond, Memphis,TN USA

    • I have sent her an email on the address that I got back in 2010. I sent her the link and asked her to read the comments. I don’t know is she is still using that address – but I think that is all I can do. Hope it works out.
      Best wishes

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