Rest in Peace Chicka (Team Belgium)

Way too early in the prime of your life you have left us, just one word is not enough to describe you, sweet, gentle, inquisitive, open, people friendly, dog friendly, cheerful, calm, active, the will to please, pretty and beautiful in all your tricks and still not enough words to describe you.

In one glance you could charm people and people couldn’t do anything against it, they had to love you. You were so much loved in Geel and also by people living futher away. you loved being spoiled and cuddled by everyone.

From a puppy on you tumbled into dog dancing, and it was a great success. In October 22nd 2011, you should have been defending the colors of the Belgium Team at the European Championship in Denmark. We were all looking forward for it.
Your handler, Dawn Hill, did her best to make you follow. It couldn’t be.
We will never forget you, your picture is in our eyes and inscribed in our hearts.

Everyone loved looking at you doing your moves with such happiness. You have heard at least a thousand times the Oooh’s and Aaah’s during your performances. You even had the opportunity to dance with children and give them some joy, just liked to work with everyone. You always gave us an applause at the end of your routines, now we will give you a standing ovation for your performance and your life . We and your Dawn will miss your incredibly, we wish you the best on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

All your friends of dog dancing.

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5 Responses to Rest in Peace Chicka (Team Belgium)

  1. Luc Daems says:

    We lost a great dog…

  2. heel erg ik hoop dat je binnenkort toch aan de mooie momenten kunt denken veel sterkte voor jou en je familie want iedereen leeft met je mee

  3. simonne says:

    We all are mourning for the loss of Chicka . She was a lovely girl and we had great expections about her performance in Denmark . Everyone who has lost a dog in the past knows the feelings Dawn is struggling with at this moment . Every ball , every tug toy even the food bowl are crying the name of Chicka . Dawn ; our deepest condolences with your loss . Even when she will not be in Denmark I believe Chicka is looking down from Rainbow Bridge and we will dedicate our performances to her . Love and a big big hug from Simonne – the belgian team .

  4. Marina, 4 poodles and 1 galgo says:

    Dear Dawn,
    although you do not know me (I am a close friend of Simonne & Dini), the loss of your beloved pet Chicka touched my heart. Through this blog I want to express my deepest sympathy for your loss.
    But whenever a sunray touches your shoulder, the glow of it will embrace you, and that glow, send to you by Chicka, shall warm and comfort your heart, the place where her memory will live forever.
    To Chicka : go ahead sweet soul of Chicka, dance forever on a sunray, your memory will never fade away in the heart of your loved ones….

    with deepest sympathy
    Marina, 4 poodles and 1 galgo

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