Greetings from France

Hello everyone,

Last year for the WC I made a short presentation about HTM/Freestyle in France. We call it “obérythmée” and since we started 2005 we mix a bit HTM with Freestyle this makes me say that we mostly practice Freestyle.

For the OEC I have decided to enter both HTM and Freestyle in hope that this can help to develop HTM in France in the coming future. Competing in HTM will be the first time for us. For this reason it was difficult for me to prepare this routine because I have never done it before.

Thierry Thomas, the second French competitor and I had no opportunity to train together living far away from each other with no possibility to meet for training. Of course I had the support of my family and friends but telling I’m ready is challenging… No matter, I love this sport and my dogs and we will try to give our best.

Sorø, here we come. For sure we are ready for this fabulous week end with all participants sharing the same passion.

I wish good luck to all the teams and individuals and many thanks in advance to the whole organization committee and all the helpers.

Médauer Corinne

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