Introducing Our Helpers – Inge-Dorte Graakjær and Konrad Graakjær

My name is Inge-Dorte Graakjær. My husband Konrad and I are going to be the OEC DJs .

My background for loving HTM and Freestyle is dancing. I have been dancing and judging dance competitions for more than 25 years.

When HTM and Freestyle was introduced in Denmark I loved this sport  from the first momet, as I am a ”doggie person” too. I was one of the first judges  that was approved to judge HTM in Denmark.

My husbond Konrad, who has promised me to help me with the DJ job, is active in agility and we enjoy this sport we do together. Konrad with his young sheltie, and I, in the seniorclass, with his 8 years old cavalier. I have my own cavalier too, but he is not able to do agility as his back is unstabile.

I do heelwork and freestyle with all 3 dogs. I live in the western part of Denmark and most of the competitions are held in the eastern part, so I don’g get to compete very often and I am usually entering the novise class or in the fun-class.

Now and then I do some demonstrations and both the dogs and I enjoy that very much.

I will do my very best at the EOC, to give you the best conditions in the ring, so please be carefull to tell us which signal you will use, when you want your music started.

Remember: 1 CD for each routine and please only one piece of music on each CD (and for your own safety: bring an extra CD –  in case the first one doesn’t work). Please mark your CD carefully with the name of handler/dog and the class you compete in (FS or HTM). Please also write on your CD which signal you will use, when you want your music started.

Best regards
Inge-Dorte Graakjær and Konrad Graakjær

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