Introducing Our Helpers – Jennifer Jensen

My name is Jennifer Jensen, and I will be helping out at the OEC as one of the Web Masters. I’m really excited about the prospect of being a small part of this great event, and hope that our “running commentary” during the weekend will give you a real feeling of being there with us .

Personally, well I dabble in a bit of everything that has to do with dogs. I am the proud owner of two very clever and beautiful (modesty is a virtue they say!) Kooikerhondjes. Bianca is 4 years old and Dolcevita (Dovita) is 18months. I show both dogs, and compete with them in Rally Obedience competitions. Bianca had a litter of pups this summer, and we plan on having another litter next summer. I am a novice at HTM/Freestyle, but have attended several classes with “my girls” and am currently in the throws of putting a routine together. I must admit that I am hooked, and so is Bianca, and we are having great fun trying out a few moves to my favourite music.

Good luck to all the participants, I know it’s going to be an awesome couple of days for all of us!

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