Introducing Our Helpers – Iben Marianne Krarup Pedersen

My name is Iben Marianne Krarup Pedersen, and I’m going to be the show
manager at the OEC2011, which is a job I’m  looking  very much forward to.
I’ve had the experience to be the right hand for the show manager at the 1st
World Championship held in DK in 2010 and have organized horse & dog
competitions since 1992.

I’ve got two Australian Kelpies, with whom I do obedience, rally-O,
agility, tracking, searching, tricks and dog dancing. I’m qualified for Freestyle Class 1 and have participated in the pairs class (6+) along with a good friend and her Aussies. I’ve
been in dog dancing since the sport was approved by the Danish Kennel Club.

I’m looking forward to 3 great days in Sorø and to meet you all 😉
Wish everybody GOOD LUCK at the OEC2011!

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