More information about hall arrangements

We have been visiting the hall again and do now know a little more about the hall arrangements.

There will be 6 changing rooms available – each country will be allocated to one of them. You can set up your dog’s crates in there and it is a quiet place for you too, whenever you need to get away from the busy hall.

You can also sit with your dog in the hall. There will be 4 blocks or sections of spectator seats. Dogs will be allowed in one of them.

The changing rooms

2 countries in each changing room

4 of the 6 changing rooms are just across the hall from the competition hall/ring. Changing rooms to the left - competition hall/ring to the right. And door out to great walking areas straight ahead!

Download an updated drawing of the hall/ring/spectator arrangements here!

Bitches in season will be competing in the warm up area. Download a drawing of the hall arrangements for bitches in season here!

Spectator entrance to the hall

Click on the picture to enlarge it and see details of the hall arrangements.

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