Fair Play Please!

I have received two disturbing emails this week.

The first was regarding the entry and exit of the competition ring. The handler wanted to make sure we had a quiet area for the dog going into the ring and space between the dog entering and the dog exiting the ring as this handler had previously experienced harassment when warming up and getting ready to enter the ring to perform her routine at important shows.

The second e-mail came this morning. A handler had received a message from another team/competitor that could be read as threatening and she was worried if her dog will be safe during the OEC.

A lot of people in many countries have worked very hard to get an international championship up and running this year. The French freestylers fought for months to get a World Championship to Paris, then the Dutch freestylers put work into negotiations and finally the Danish Kennel Club, the Danish HTM Committee, the fundraising group and the entire Danish HTM community have all worked extremely hard to make this OEC a reality. None of these people have worked that hard just to create a battlefield for envy and jealousy.

Threats are not acceptable and they are not wanted. This Championship is for us all to meet and compete in a friendly and fair atmosphere. We want to get to know each other, to be inspired by each other and learn from each other. We want to celebrate our dogs, the music and our wonderful sport. That is the purpose of this OEC. If that is not what you want, then you are not welcome.

It is the Danish Kennel Club HTM Committee that has accepted all of the entries for this competition. If you do not agree on these decisions then contact us. Do not take it out on the competitor.

I expect fair play, good sportsmanship and a supportive and considered spirit between competitors throughout the weekend.

Best wishes
Emmy M. Simonsen
Head Judge

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1 Response to Fair Play Please!

  1. Carmen & Gimnli from team germany says:

    I am really surprised about this news, and also very sad. For me and for all the participants of team germany and I hope for the most others too, the OEC is a great event, we can meet many other doghandlers, we can enjoy their routines, learn more about our wonderful sport. We can talk together and it´s a big chance to influence in which direction our sport will develop in future. I hope we all have a very good weekand, and I wish that we all come togehter in peace and respect. Don´t worry, team denmark, you did such a good job by organize this OEC!!!!

    Altough me and my dog will be a very small part of this, I am very proud to take part.

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