The Danish Kennel Club Magazine

The Danish Kennel Club Magazine ‘HUNDEN’ has a full page about the OEC in the October issue.

The article says that 80 dog and handler teams from 13 countries will meet in Sorø to compete in HTM and Freestyle. They then explain the difference between HTM and freestyle.

The next paragraph is about all the different breeds entered: a Doberman from the USA, a Pug from Sweden, a Dachshund from Denmark, a Cairn Terrier from Germany, a Schnauzer from Russia, a Bearded Collie from Great Britain, a Corgi from Finland and mix breeds too.

They then introduce some of the interesting dog and handler teams that will be performing. The Golden Retriever from Russia, the Chihuahua from the Czech Republic and the British World Championship Winner from 2010.

Finally the Danish Team is introduced and the two championship debutants Renate and Sonja are mentioned.

The pictures are of Arlette from Belgium and Monika from Germany.

See the article here!


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