Greetings from Finland

I feel very honoured and lucky to be able to come to Denmark and participate in this event. Thanks must go to our Team’s sponsor; the Finnish Kennel Club and also to the small and enthusiastic (and expanding!) group of people in Finland who make both Freestyle and HTM a very enjoyable sport!

We have had Freestyle competitions for about a decade but HTM is a new sport, our first competition was on 16th October 2010. Our KC recognized both varieties of Dog Dancing in May 2010, so it’s an official sport now.

I am having butterflies in my stomach!! I hope my dancing partner “Nevada” isn’t having them… She’s a 6-year-old Border Collie bitch who has previously done Obedience so naturally we chose HTM for our new sport.

I’ve been interested in HTM/Freestyle for years but never quite grasped how to start doing it. In 2010 we had a couple of fantastic weekend courses about HTM (and FS) by handlers/judges from Denmark and Great Britain, and I was bitten very hard by the “dog dancing bug”! This is an amazing sport where you get to train new things with the dog all the time, and if you get bored in one routine you can think of another. Fabulous! (I had gotten slightly bored with obedience…).

Nevada is keen to do heelwork, and is a fun dog to work with. She’s also very clever so she “gets” things quickly. She may also try to do them before I say which keeps me on toes.

Our routine is to a song from the famous Grease movie which is based in the American high school world in the 1950’s. We have been practising it more and more lately, I quite recently changed some of it and it may not be quite polished yet. One always feels that a little more time would have been needed for practising!

The Finnish Team had a training session together and everybody was giving hints to each other how we could perform a little bit better. It was great fun.

Huge Thanks to Emmy, the Danish KC HTM Committee and their helpers and sponsors for making this event possible. You’ve done tremendous work! We as participants will dance our socks away to make the weekend a great one!! I hope everyone enjoys our routine and I am really looking forward to seeing great dog dancing from other countries!

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend in our amazing sport!! Have fun!
Best regards,
Katja & Nevada – Finland

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