Greetings from Gimli in Germany!

Hello from Germany,

The countdown is running… Woooohooo!! How exciting – just a week to go!

Saturday morning we will be doing our first HTM routine.  In Germany there is no different between HTM and freestyle, most routines have much more freestyle.

We – me and my cairn terrier Gimli – Sammy of Upsala – were invited to join Team Germany in September, a little late, but better than never 🙂

Beeing in the middle of the preparation for Crufts 2012, I have not an actually freestyle routine, that´s why I decided to compete in heelwork.  I never did HTM before and I am very curious as to what the judges will think of our routine. And also I am curios to see the routines of all the other participants.

I was really surprised to see the different  breeds. In Germany Dog Dance is mainly a sport for border collies and other working dogs, so I  can´t wait to see all the Westies, Retrievers, Poodles and Chihuahuas in HTM and Freestyle.

Unfortunately, our preparations were interrupted for 2 weeks. Gimli had a kidney infection. He had to rest at home, whilst I danced and practiced the routine  alone, not much fun for either of us!
Luckily he is fit again and we have been training a little.  That´s better than all the resting!!!!!

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1 Response to Greetings from Gimli in Germany!

  1. Judith says:

    Good luck Team Germany and all the other teams!!

    Judith & paws

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