Greetings from Team Sweden

Freestyle – which is what we call our sport in Sweden – is fairly new here.
Freestyle was recognised in 2007 and HTM only on the 1st of Jan 2011. In the
beginning it was Sveriges Hundungdom (the Swedish Kennel Club’s Youth section) that
administrated the sport which made it very popular among young girls, several of
these teams were very good but the sport didn’t attract many adult handlers…

Since Jan 2010 it is the Swedish Kennel club that administrates the sport which has
made it known to a wider group of people. We are all working to make the sport
better known to dog people all over Sweden and we have many newcomers that we hope
will soon move up all the way to the top level 🙂

The Swedish team is a mix of experienced teams and newcomers for whom the OEC will
be their first really big competition.

Unfortunately we have had some bad luck:

Monica Gudinge and the wonderful border collie Ally will not be able to compete at
the OEC since Ally is hurt 😦 We all hope for her quick recovery! Hanna Eriksson
with gronerdal Grizzly will be taking Monicas place in the HtM competition and thus
competing both freestyle and HtM – go Hanna!

Lina Petterson and the fantastic pumi Zing has also been forced to withdraw because
Zing has broken a toe 😦 We all hope that she will heal well (and fast)! Replacing
Lina and Zing at the freestyle competition will be – gulp! – me and the pug Oggie…

We all look forward to meeting you all and to see the great routines that you have
put so much thought and practice into, and to celebrate the first OEC ever!

We wish all the dogs & handlers coming to OEC good luck and we also would like to
thank all the people who make this first OEC possible – both organisers and
See you in Sorø!!

/Erika, Team Sweden

Team Sweden’s Blog – click here!

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