More updates from a travel day!

Things are going well with the organization. The carpets for the ring was delivered in time (phew!), I’ve been to the judges’ B&B and all looks great for them (another phew! – we wouldn’t want grumpy judges, who are unhappy with their accomodation!), the paper-work is ready, the helpers are ready, trophies, rosettes etc. have arrived…
Yep – we are ready to go!

The Judges' B&B

Boxes full of trophies, rosettes and other OEC stuff

Handlers are still arriving to Sorø and the surrounding towns. We were pleased to hear that Sabine Åström from Team Sweden arrived after 2½ days of travelling from the Northern Sweden. Welcome to Denmark Sabine!

Sabine Åström, Team Sweden

The Czech handlers have also arrived to their cabin in Sorø – welcome Team CZ!

The judges are on their way too. Anja has let us know that she has now left her home in Norway. She is going by train to Oslo and then by plane to Copenhagen. Jackie is travelling with her friend Sandra. They left home early this morning and flew to Bruxelles. Unfortunately their flight from Bruxelles to Copenhagen is delayed, but they will still be here in time.

Team Finland has had some bad luck with their bus, but Swedish police and road service are helping them, so hopefully they will soon be on their way again!

Team Finland has had a bit of bad luck! They lost one of their tyres on a Swedish motorway. The Swedish police and road service are now helping them back to the nearest town where hopefully their bus will get sorted. They have promised to keep us updated and let us know how they are getting on. Good luck Team Finland – fingers crossed that you can soon continue your journey!

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