Final HTM

Thierry Thomas: Precise and difficult moves with high accuracy. Interesting change in pace at the last part. Very powerful routine.

Helle Larsen: Handler uses her walking stick creatively in different moves in the routine. Elegant flow in movements, and very calm expression.

Lesley Neville: Happy and attentive dog. Nice moves, creative finish.

Tanja Pekkalainen: Beautiful routine with a lot of movement. Both dog and handler seemed relaxed and in sync.

Sofie E. Hjorth: Very dramatic performance. Continuos flowing movements throughout. High energy.

Salla Haavisto:  Very well choreographed to music. Fun to watch.

Kath Hardman: Lively performance. This time performed with a little barking… still a beautiful and entertaining performance.

Valentin Kuzman: Very charming couple, lovable little dog. Well performed routine with ingenious choreography.

Karen Sykes: Beautiful entertaining performance. Excellent moves with a high degree of accuracy.

Anja Christiansen: Very moving performance which tells a touching story.  Dog and handler seemed perfectly in tune with each other. Very inspiring to watch.


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