Prize-Giving Individual HTM

Here are the points for our top ten  HTM participants:
10      Kath Hardman           Great Britain          47.83 points
09      Sofie E. Hjorth            Denmark                48.57 points
08      Salla Haavisto             Finland                   48.93 points  
07      Helle Larssen              Denmark                49.10 points
06      Tanja Pekkalainen      Finland                   49.53 points
05      Lesley Neville              Great Britain         49.83 points
04      Valentin Kuzmin          Russia                    50.03 points
03      Anja Christiansen       Denmark                 52.87 points
02      Thierry Thomas         France                     54.97 points
01       Karen Sykes             Great Britain     55.03 points 


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3 Responses to Prize-Giving Individual HTM

  1. Doris Lamoureux says:

    Salut, Thierry, encore une belle performance en Heelwork……….Bravo pour votre équipe!!


    Bonne chance pour demain!!!

  2. flipsypaw says:

    Congratulations to all of you! Wishing I could be there with you and watch it life and cheer you all on from the sideline…Just love you routine Thierry! Fantastic choreography, it got it all.

    To ALL of you Good luck for today.

    Cheers from Australia, Perth

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