Freestyle Finalists

Freestyle Finalists : please note that there is a slight change in the running order from previously posted.

1.   Thierry Thomas, FRANCE
Just as impressive the second time around, extremely creative show  routine with loads of WOW factor. The audience loved it as much as we did.  FANTASTIC!

2.   Catherine Myznikova,  RUSSIA
Catherine is Marilyn yet again and is a real show stopper with her tremendous dog. Looking around the audience everyone is smiling at this superb happy routine.

3.   Elke Boxoen,  BELGIUM
So cute to see the dog playing the piano. This is again, such a graceful flowing routine, and boy is the dog attentive to its handler.
Way to go Belgium.  Roars of applause for them from the crowd.

4.   Sini Eriksson,  FINLAND
What a tremendous story this pair told us yet again. Really cute dog and a such a creative routine with great ambience.  A varied routine with really intricant sequences.  Magical!

5.   Galina Chogovadze,  RUSSIA
Astounding performance, with a fast tempo and a terrific flow. Absolutely superb, and the dog is so clued-in to the handler.
Wonderful to watch. 

6.   Kath Hardman,  GREAT BRITAIN
Both a demanding and very creative routine with lots of drama. It’s amazing how you can get a dog to interact with you in this way.
Wow again!

7.   Lesley Neville, GREAT BRITAIN
A jolly routine, with such a charismatic dog performing a really creative and energetic routine. Terrific to watch.

8.   Sofie E.Hjorth,  DENMARK
A demanding routine for the dog as it’s at such a high tempo, fantastic flow. Dazzling performance, which the crowd just loved.

9. Jules O’Dwyer,  BELGIUM
A very original routine with loads of cute tricks that the audience laughed at. I found the weaving sequence splendid. Really stunning, and so very clever.

10.   Polina Il’ina,  RUSSIA
Astounding routine and really moving towards the latter end, such a brilliant dog and handler.   Just fantastic.

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