Wow, what an experience!

Wow, what an experience! The first Open European Championships…

We arrived after driving 10 hours through the night to be met by our team mates & a host of old friends at the hotel… sleep was no longer possible!

Emmy & her fabulous team were already setting up for the event but had organized a get together dinner, what a great way to meet each other before the big event. Teams exchanged good luck cards & wishes & there was a real air of excitement already present.

Finally the big day arrived, the event started, the white dog warmed up the ring and the first competitors graced the arena, saw some fantastic performances, the day just flew!! Our Team thoroughly enjoyed their ring experiences & their dogs, and the supporters kept the atmosphere truly buzzing with excitement & nerves!

Kath, Karen & Lesley were the worthy champs in Heelwork & we used their success as an excuse to start the party that evening..

Thierry set the standard early on the 2nd day,which was quite nerve racking, only he could relax, assured of a final placing.

I saw such great teams, lots of ‘wow’ factor and most importantly happy dogs performing to a top standard.

To have 2 of our team players in the final was awesome! Even if scary! My Matisse was so comfortable in his handstand that he decided to stay there! Then he got his nail stuck in my jacket..he’s such an exhibitionist! Luckily we got back on track!

We were thrilled with our results, but more memorable was the company & friendship we enjoyed throughout the weekend. Rumors are in fact true that there were at one point in time, 33 people from 4 different countries in my hotel bedroom!
And I was a little afraid what the maid might be thinking as she collected all those empty bottles the next morning!

We rounded off our Euro Champ experience by taking over a restaurant and enjoying a very loud but fun after party, including after dinner speeches from myself & Thierry & the Coaches, although I can’t remember what I said!

After a long trip home, our team was welcomed by an astounding amount of good wishes & congratulations..I fear that there will be even more Belgium supporters present next year!

This weekend was a great success, not only competition wise, but the event proved that there are no language barriers when when you all love & support our brilliant sport!

Thanks to everyone concerned for making it happen. We had a blast, hope we get invited to do it all over again.

Jules (Matisse & Chase)

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