Head Judge Emmy Marie Simonsen from Denmark.

I am Emmy Marie Simonsen from Denmark.

My first HTM demonstration was in 1998 and I have been very involved in getting the sport recognized in Denmark. I am a member of the Danish Kennel Club HTM Committee, which is responsible for HTM in Denmark and also for getting the first HTM World Championship approved by the FCI and scheduled at the World Show, Herning, Denmark in June 2010.

I have 3 Border Collies and a Sheltie that compete successfully in HTM and Freestyle. My oldest Border Collie, Whisper (11½ years old) and my Sheltie, Biscuit (6 years old) have both competed as part of the Danish Team at the World and Nordic Championships since these events began. In 2009, Whisper won the Individual Nordic HTM Championship and he also won the title “HTM Dog of the Year” in Denmark for three consequitive years.

Biscuit has represented Denmark at Crufts, GB 3times and his best result was in 2006 when we were placed 4th.  He won individual Bronze at the Nordic Championship 2010 and was 4th Individually at the World Championships 2010.

My second Border Collie is Beat, (3 years old) who had his first season in Advanced Class in Denmark this year. He exceeded my expectations by far as he finished his Danish Freestyle Champion title and was reserve Freestyle Dog of the Year.

My youngest Border Collie is Hero, (12 months old) who has competed 3 times, won each time and won the Novice Freestyle Dog of the Year title.

I am approved to Judge on all levels within the FCI and in Great Britain and I have judging experience in Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Russia, Germany, the Czech Republic and England. The good judging of HTM is very important to me, therefore I am very involved in training and approving new judges in Denmark.  I have also held Judges Seminars in Denmark, Norway and Finland.

My experience overseas also includes competing in Finland, Great Britain, Sweden and presenting HTM Seminars in Australia, Faroe Isles, Russia, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Norway and Sweden.

I am really looking forward to judge at the European Open Championships 2011. It is a great honour and a big responsibility. I can assure everyone, I will do my very best.

Good Luck to all the dog and handler teams. Being chosen to represent your country makes you a winner already. Enjoy your time in the ring, your dog and the music. I look forward to meeting you all in Sorø!

***** ^ *****

Anja Magnussen Schüller from Norway

My name is Anja M. Schüller and I come from Norway. I live with my 7 year old daughter and three dogs. I started to train freestyle in 2005 with my Finnish Lapphund called Frekja. She is know 11,5 years young, and she was the first dog in Norway to compete in HTM (everyone else preferred freestyle until this summer). She is a very sweet and noisy little dog, but she hasn’t been easy to motivate and we have never been able to come very far in the ring, sadly, but we have had lots of fun on our journey.

Our goal now is to reach intermediate levels in both freestyle and HTM and compete once on that level before she retires. And after that, hopefully my new star will rise in the ring. Her name is Spotnik’s Feminine Folly, or Ellie, and she is a 2 years old Dalmatian. She has only been with us for 4 weeks, but already she starts to look like a spotted HTM-star. Her mother has already competed in freestyle, so she has a reputation to live up to. My last dog is a 13 year old Finnish Lapphund. He has trained some freestyle, but never competed. He likes to do what he wants, when he wants it…

I have been a certified judge since January 2010, the same amount of time that HTM has been an official dog sport here in Norway. I feel so honoured to be able to judge in the OEC, and I am really looking forward to come to Denmark in October.

***** ^ *****

Jackie Clarke from England.  

I am Jackie Clarke from Lincolnshire, England, I am married with 3 grown up children and one 3 year old Grand daughter.

I started in Heelwork to Music 12 years ago with a rescued Staffordshire bull terrier cross called Annie who I still have, she is now 13 years old. I also have a Border Collie, Murphy, and competed with him until this year when I retired him from competition at the age of 10 years. These dogs have given me many happy years of training and competing with them and through them I have made some very good friends.

Both these dogs competed with me at Crufts in 2007 and did very well. Murphy also competed there again in 2009 and 2010.

I started judging HTM in 2002 and had the honour of judging at Crufts in 2008.

Lily, my current dog that I compete with is a crossbreed from our local rescue centre, she is now 4 years old and is really enjoying her training and is doing well in competitions this year. Her kennel name is ‘Happy go Lucky Lily’, and she lives up to it perfectly!

I wish everyone good luck in the Open European Championships and feel it a great honour to be invited to judge. I am really looking forward to coming to Denmark.


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  1. Kath Hardman says:

    Great announcement – congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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